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I am Kim, mum to Sophia aged four and James aged two. When Sophia was born she suffered from colic and I found it a really isolating experience. Rather than reach out for help we spent far too much time hiding away at home. I felt that I must be doing something wrong because I often wasn't able to calm her quickly. I wish then that I had known about the soothing effects of nurturing touch and baby massage as I know it would have been a very different experience. 

When James was born I was determined for history not to repeat itself so I signed up to various classes one of which was baby massage. I experienced first hand the calming, soothing effects of the massage strokes both for me and James (who lapped up the experience and often fell into a lovely relaxed sleep straight after class). I looked forward to the classes as it was my special time bonding with James and I met some other lovely mums. 

Inspired by this positive experience of baby massage I went on to complete a qualification with the International Association for Infant Massage and set up Cherish Baby Massage.


The baby massage classes run over five weeks and are suitable from birth to a year old. Each week we learn a new set of soothing massage strokes building up to a full body massage by week five. Classes are small, relaxed and completely baby led. All strokes are demonstrated by the instructor on a weighted baby massage doll. 


Baby massage is a lovely activity to bond with your baby and can help to relieve colic, wind, constipation, ease transition to sleep and provide relief from teething amongst other benefits. It’s a great way to meet other parents and there will be lots of opportunities for discussion throughout the class.

For further information on the five week course or to book please email or visit the Cherish Baby Massage website or Facebook page as follows


I look forward to sharing my passion with you and welcoming you to the group classes.