Registration/Payment - Dance Classes

Payments will be made at the beginning of each half term before classes start. Please note once you have paid for your child’s classes there will be no refunds or changes that you can make if your child wants to leave or change classes over the half term. Payments have to be made at the beginning of the term to secure your child's place for the classes even if your child cannot attend the full term.

Covid-19 Terms and Conditions with payments 

If at anytime we have to close or go into lockdown, there will be no refunds or credit notes given. All classes will carry on online through Zoom. 

Child Protection

At Knowles Dance & Fitness Studio, we have a duty of care to all children in our classes. For younger students, we will allow collection from a Parent or Guardian only unless otherwise requested. Our classes are generally run back-to-back without any break in between. Please arrive promptly to collect your child to ensure they leave the studio safely.

Photographic/Filming Equipment

We will require you to sign a declaration when you first visit us, agreeing to the use of cameras in our studio which may be used to take photographs/videos of your child. These photographs/videos may be used in our printed and online publicity if required, including social media sites. 

Health & Safety

We will require you to fill in an Emergency Contact form when your first visit us. This form is required to not only give us a second contact in case of an emergency, but to also make us aware of any known illness or disability that may affect your child during lessons. In the case of minor accidents, first aid will be administered by a qualified first aider and recorded in the accident book. 

Child Protection Policy

CPD Policy

COVID-19 Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Code of Conduct Policy 

Health and Safety Policy

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